Demo Reel

2013 | Video | 1:39 minutes - Premiere, After Effects

A collage of different video projects I've done.

This demo showcases animation (2D, 3D and stop motion), motion graphics and editing. Several of the projects the clips are taken from are shown above.


2012 | Claymation | 1:53 minutes - iStopMotion, Premiere, After Effects

A movie about trees and cycles.

I've always been very inspired by trees and so I started with just that theme. I wanted to track a full lifecycle, and I also wanted to incorporate some of the spiritual ideas about trees. There's some really great stuff from Axis Mundis to Daphne, and this project was my chance to come up with my own mythology about them.

The Infestation

2010 | Live Action, Stop motion | 3:04 minutes - Final Cut Pro

Three roommates try to deal with a paper crane infestation.

I love origami — I'm one of those people who trails tiny paper cranes wherever they go. When I started thinking about what to do my movie on, I was struck by how I gradually infest the places I live with these tiny creatures.

I made this movie for an unofficial film class I took a few semesters ago. My friends had recently gone through a flea infestation and I was inspired by the helplessness of a bunch of girls trying to deal with pests.

Water Sprites

2009 | Animation | 1:35 minutes - Toon Boom Studio

A girl gets snatched by water sprites.

This was the first animation project I ever did. It was a pretty steep learning curve, and far too ambitious a project to start out with. But even though it was a lot of work and I had to cut it down some, I'm still really happy with how it came out. It got a national gold metal from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Couch Potato

2011 | Animation | 1:28 minutes - Toon Boom Studio

A lazy man gets up from his TV and finds the world a strange place.

I made this movie as a collage of a lot of different doodles. The story connecting them is expanding upon the title doodle.

Couch potato was just a man stretching in front of an old fashioned TV. I decided the TV was from eighties and that was the last time he'd gotten up. I thought about how strange the world would seem after all that time and that was the inspiration for the short


2012 | Stopmotion | 1:29 minutes - Final Cut Pro

An old Irish myth in an urban setting.

This was for a ceramics class. The assignment was to do a project with unfired clay. So everything you see is real, ceramic quality clay, (which is coincidentally horrible for Claymation, but the concept of real clay was important to my teacher).

The importance of unfired clay is it's malleable nature and ablity to transform. Originally I just planned to have a girl slowly wash away into the ocean, but it kept growing from that, into more of a story.


2013 | Game Recording | 1:05 minutes - Unity, Premiere

“Titus” is a narrative based 2D platformer.

This is the trailer for the game “The Short Story of Titus.” It was a group project and I did mostly art and level design. There was another artist on our team, but the art from the attic and falling level, as well as the bunny's animation and background textures are mine.

Arlo and Julie Intro

2013 | Animation | 0:46 seconds - After Effects

An intro for a indie film.

Arlo and Julie is an independent movie currently in post-production. It's a comedy about a neurotic couple who become obsessed with mysterious puzzles pieces arriving in the mail.

A Lost Feather

2013 | Animation | 0:25 seconds - After Effects

A short tester.

Jeannine Atwood Keenan

2009 | Film and Video | 19:38 minutes - Final Cut Pro

A documentary about my grandmother.

She's a fascinating person, an artist and a feminist who saw the world completely change during her lifetime. Her grandparents had a silent video camera back before almost anyone did and they left us all this great footage of her and her siblings as teenagers and young adults.

Roy William Keenan

2017 | Film and Video | 22:28 minutes - Premiere

A documentary about my grandfather.

Impact Fees

2013 | Animation | 0:30 seconds - After Effects

A short educational video.

This video was made for a planning consultant company, Duncan and Associates, to explain what they do.

Night In

2014 | Video | 1:44 seconds - Premiere

A test video on shallow depth of feild, tracking the progress of an art project.

Golden Threads

2014 | Video | 1:10 seconds - After Effects, Premiere

My newest animation project, still a work in progress.